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blushy smile
Name: Manda
LJ: gocatchastar
AIM: slytherouter / sporkstress
Email: slitherouter at gmail dot com
Also Plays: Azula flameyobitch, Demyx waterwand, Howl Pendragon slitherouter, Ema Skye investigative

Want to tell me what you think about how I play Seras? You've come to the right place! Good, bad, ugly, I don't mind. However, if at all possible I prefer constructive criticism.

Anonymous Commenting - On
Screened Comments - On
IP Logging - Off

[Locked from the other gender. Totally hackable.]
Um... ah. Well. This is kind of weird but... um... I'm a little... a little confused.

I-I've never really liked a guy before... and he's... Well he's my friend! What if he never wants to talk to me again!? W-we did get to dance... one dance... after the spell wore off. But I was horrible! I stepped on his feet and everything! I'd never danced before...

What does someone do when they like someone? I mean... we've already gone on two dates... I think. I'm not really sure if they count as dates or not, though...

(no subject)
sweatdrop, pretty please
It's nice to be back to normal again! Writing as a mouse was so hard... T-though... I think I may have preferred it.. Catty, the costume you picked out for me was so... so... small!. I... um. I'm sorry I wasn't a whole lot of good yesterday as a mouse.....

A-and um... Apollo... I'm really sorry I wasn't a very good date! I tried to find you but.. well, I got so lost as a mouse and couldn't get to the common room!

Oh! And... um! Thank you for your help, Miria... I-I'm sorry I had such a hard time replying to you as a mouse!

Right! And Happy Birthday Harry! Sorry I didn't get to tell you yesterday...

Squeaky squeak squeak~
[At first there is a fair amount of rather small paw prints all across the page... then, finally at the bottom it says:]

[OOC: Seras has been turned into a mouse~ She can speak but cannot make voice posts without the use of her wand... this is the best she could do. It says sorry if you can't tell~ If her screaming date wants to go with her still, he'll have to find her himself~]

(no subject)
sweatdrop, pretty please
Um… has anyone seen the large package Bertie Bott’s Every Flavored Beans I bought at Honeydukes from the last Hogsmeade trip? I was really hoping to send them to the kids in the orphanage back home. They’re always asking what I do while I’m away. I don’t like not being able to tell them, but I’d like to at least send them something back. I’d imagine they’d like them… Unless they got a bogie flavored one. I can’t imagine anyone who’d like that.

Oh… and it seems I lost my old journal. I had to ask for a new one. I’ve um… missed a lot, haven’t I?