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[Locked from the other gender. Totally hackable.]
Um... ah. Well. This is kind of weird but... um... I'm a little... a little confused.

I-I've never really liked a guy before... and he's... Well he's my friend! What if he never wants to talk to me again!? W-we did get to dance... one dance... after the spell wore off. But I was horrible! I stepped on his feet and everything! I'd never danced before...

What does someone do when they like someone? I mean... we've already gone on two dates... I think. I'm not really sure if they count as dates or not, though...

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Take a deep breath, because it's going to be fine. Of course he's going to want to talk to you again! Who wouldn't?

Well, do you count them as dates?

But... what if ... what if he doesn't like me too? I'd understand, but he's my friend!

I-I'm not really sure. The first time... well, it wasn't really planned. And once he found me at the Masquerade... well, I just sort of rode around on his shoulder. Though he wasn't really a he either... A-and we only got to dance at the very end.

Well. Ask him! Tell him how you feel. That's all you gotta do.

At least you got to dance, and you got to hang out with him eventually! That's good. I'd count that as a date. Your first very weird, very awkward date...

I-i couldn't do that! I don't want to... I don't want to seem forward or anything!

Y-yeah. You... you really think so?

Hmmm... you're definitely sure that you like him like him?

Who is is, Seras? Anyone I know~?

I.... I think so. But... I've never really liked someone like this before...?

Ah! Um. You might... he's a seventh year Ravenclaw...

Well, you could tell him that?

Ooo~ I know a few of them. But... which one would be the one that Seras likes?

I... yeah... I could.

Ah... ItsApollo

Oh, I'm certain he would still want to talk to you again! And I am sure he would forgive the dancing thing, too. Maybe... you could ask him to hang out sometime? I don't think I was of any help, but I wish you luck! I know you can do it!

I have a feeling I know who it is... maybe~

N-no, you helped! Thank you, Momo! I... yeah. I'll ask him to hang out again....

Y-you do...? It's... it's probably not that hard to figure out, is it...?

R-really? That's great and I'm glad!

I think so... a certain banshee~?

I am afraid I cannot assist with this matter.

My best wishes for you.

Ah, that's alright! Thank you anyways.

I have to say I am not experienced either. Rather hard to consider them when none take your fancy.

I wish you all the happiness and luck, Seras.

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