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[Locked from the other gender. Totally hackable.]
Um... ah. Well. This is kind of weird but... um... I'm a little... a little confused.

I-I've never really liked a guy before... and he's... Well he's my friend! What if he never wants to talk to me again!? W-we did get to dance... one dance... after the spell wore off. But I was horrible! I stepped on his feet and everything! I'd never danced before...

What does someone do when they like someone? I mean... we've already gone on two dates... I think. I'm not really sure if they count as dates or not, though...

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Oh, I'm certain he would still want to talk to you again! And I am sure he would forgive the dancing thing, too. Maybe... you could ask him to hang out sometime? I don't think I was of any help, but I wish you luck! I know you can do it!

I have a feeling I know who it is... maybe~

N-no, you helped! Thank you, Momo! I... yeah. I'll ask him to hang out again....

Y-you do...? It's... it's probably not that hard to figure out, is it...?

R-really? That's great and I'm glad!

I think so... a certain banshee~?

I think you two are cute together! O-okay, I'll be shutting up now...

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