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[Locked from the other gender. Totally hackable.]
Um... ah. Well. This is kind of weird but... um... I'm a little... a little confused.

I-I've never really liked a guy before... and he's... Well he's my friend! What if he never wants to talk to me again!? W-we did get to dance... one dance... after the spell wore off. But I was horrible! I stepped on his feet and everything! I'd never danced before...

What does someone do when they like someone? I mean... we've already gone on two dates... I think. I'm not really sure if they count as dates or not, though...

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This icon is relevant, I promise >.>'

Ah! I-I didn't either... I... I told Professor Tilman-Sinclair and... sh-she took five points... only to give them back for being honest.

At least you got the points back for your honesty. The Head is pretty damn fair even if she is strict.

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